Why You Are Wrong About eBikes – 3 Surprising Health Benefits Of Riding An eBike

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The shift in attitude towards cycling is apparent in urban cities with cycle commute becoming more commonplace, more cycle-share programs being adopted and an increase of bike-lane networks. With advances in design and technology, there has been a change in the kind of cycles on the road too. eBikes have already made a lasting impression on many people but some of the traditional pedal crowd mistakenly still considers riding an eBike ‘cheating.’  This is generally because of the lack of awareness about the way electric bikes work. Electric bicycles have a built-in electric motor that kicks in with pedaling from the rider to provide propulsion. eBikes are usually ridden in the pedal assist mode, with input from the rider and the motor merely assists. Experienced eBike riders know that they can ride an eBike as hard as they want, just like any other form of bicycle. Once you understand that in electric bikes you have the ability to select the amount of assistance given by the bike, the benefits then become much clearer. Rather than using a standard gas-guzzling commuter vehicle or a traditional bicycle which takes more effort, an electric bike offers an easy solution for everyone to exercise without any strain because of the assistance from the electric motor. Keep reading to find out some of the secret health advantages of riding an electric bicycle.

  1. Electric Bikes Promote Physical Activity And Healthy Lifestyle

The human body needs regular exercise to stay healthy. According to the U.S. government, adults should get at least 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per week or one hour and 15 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity, or a combination of both. But researchers at Center of Disease Control and Prevention, surprisingly found that an estimated 80 percent of Americans do not get the recommended amounts of exercise each week, making them potentially vulnerable to a host of health problems. Not everyone can make time for the gym, schedule time for aerobic exercises or even take up recreational sports. In our fast-paced society, where everyone is so busy already, it is extremely tough to find time to fit in a regular fitness regime. Also many people are restricted as to the kind of exercise they can undertake because of pre-existing health problems. Electric bicycles are able to address both of these concerns. It is possible to integrate exercise into the daily routine by riding an electric bike to and from work, instead of commuting by car. The motor in eBikes make climbing hills or riding for long distances less taxing than a standard bicycle. So, this low-impact activity can be enjoyed by everyone, of any age or level of fitness to improve individual fitness and overall health.

Cycling has been proven to reduce the risk of health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and depression. According to the American Heart Association, being physically active can prevent heart disease and stroke, which are the nation’s No. 1 and No. 5 killers. For the improvement of overall cardiovascular health, the recommended goal is to get at least thirty minutes of physical exercise a day, five times a week. The decline in routine physical activity has affected public health negatively, with studies showing obesity at epidemic levels among adults and young children. Cycling is a good fit for overweight or obese people because a majority of the body weight is supported by the saddle so that one can get the required cardiovascular exercise without putting excess stress on the musculoskeletal system. Physical inactivity is a major risk factor for the development of type 2 diabetes too. It is possible to reverse the decline in physical activity by riding an electric bike to work or school, or to see friends or even to go to the local shops. It can help in weight loss as it burns calories. Electric bikes help augment human power but it does not replace it, which is what makes these machines great exercise tools for everyone. A new study from the University of Colorado, funded by the city of Boulder, found that the regular use of an electric bike improves fitness and cardiovascular health.  Moreover it gets you out and about, and you get to enjoy the fresh air without having to find extra time for exercise. You can get your daily exercise, while reducing the cost of commuting, cutting emissions from cars and buses, and most importantly, it can be a fun activity! An eBike on the road is definitely healthier than a traditional bike collecting dust in the garage!

  1. Electric Bikes Can Help Build and Maintain Your Bones, Muscles and Joints

Physical activity promotes healthy bones, muscles and joints, which helps preserve independent function for longer. Joint conditions such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and chronic lower back pain affect a majority of Americans today, all of which can lead to an increased risk of fracture, pain, disability or deformity. Physical activities, such as riding an electric bike is a safe and readily accessible way of improving bone strength and reducing the risk of osteoporotic fractures. Pedelec electric bike models or a hybrid electric bicycle that require the rider to pedal along with the motor can help in working out your leg muscles. According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, the muscles, tendons and ligaments surrounding the knee structure become weak after an injury and the joint becomes unstable. Electric bikes offer a simple solution for knee pain rehabilitation and recovery from injury because it allows one to ease into activity following physical trauma and pain, without the risk of overworking the body. It is possible to use cycling as an exercise modality to build up joint and muscle strength after an operation or injury, or even to build fitness levels after an extended period of inactivity or recuperation. Rehabilitative exercises can strengthen the muscles and joint structures supporting the knee joint to increase flexibility and range of motion in the knee region too. Cycling also helps reduce pain and prevents reoccurrence of the injury.

With an electric bike, you have the luxury of ‘going at your own pace.’ This is particularly helpful for older people who just want to get out and about and take some gentle exercise without getting easily tired. When cycling, the large skeletal muscles of the body move in a rhythmic pattern, alternating between active work and rest periods, dictated by factors including traffic lights, going downhill or slowing for other vehicles on the road. The rest intervals allow easy recovery from high levels of activity when in motion and this enables efficient use of energy during the active phase. This contrasts with running where the impact of each step ensures high levels of energy expenditure, which can be difficult to maintain.

  1. Electric Bikes Help Improve Mental Health and Community Health

Any form of regular exercise can help to reduce stress and depression. Cycling is known to improve our overall well being and self esteem too. Electric bikes allow everyone to enjoy the outdoors and be one with nature. It distracts the mind from everyday-life stress and rejuvenates the soul, besides helping you to get in better shape. In the US alone, the direct health care costs associated with physical inactivity are estimated to be between US $24.3 billion and US $37.2 billion. An increase in regular cycling can improve physical health and most likely reduce these health care costs.  Regular eBike riders are likely to have decreased mortality compared to non-cyclists, irrespective of other physical activity they engage in. Cycling can also potentially improve community health, by increasing road safety, reducing carbon emissions and pushing for policies to encourage children’s play and cycling areas. Re-allocating space away from cars for cycles can have a huge impact on the well-being of a community. It gives people the opportunity to move about more freely in their own communities by their own steam. Electric bikes have a vital role to play in future transport strategies because the impact of climate change can be felt by everyone all over the world, which is encouraging more people to look for more benign modes of transport to reduce their carbon footprint.

Start Riding Today

Riding an eBike is a positive change that can effectively improve your health and better your community too. eBikes are enjoyable, fun, social and require less effort than a conventional bike. The best way to experience the benefits of an electric bike is to try one out today.  At ProdecoTech we can help get you into the right bike based on your goals.

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