Top Reasons For Seniors To Ride eBikes

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Seniors are faced with several distinctive challenges, such as keeping fit, preserving mobility, engaging actively with their grandkids, and more. Seniors no longer want to retire to their rocking chair on the front porch with age. Nowadays seniors take health and wellness rather seriously. Lack of exercise, poor dietary habits and lifestyle choices take their toll with age. There is also an increased risk for heart disease and stroke as blood pressure and cholesterol levels tend to shoot up. Managing health problems with fitness fads may not work as well and old injuries often flare up presenting unique issues that can prevent seniors from living better. Fortunately smart seniors can stay healthy and mobile, enjoy social activities with friends and family, and even get in shape—all with the help of electric bicycles.

Get Moving, Get Active

Exercise is good for the body, but nearly 80% of Americans do not get the recommended physical activity needed to stay fit. Living an active senior life and getting regular physical activity is the best gift seniors can give themselves and their loved ones. Older adults can improve their quality of life by getting at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity five times every week or nearly 20 minutes of vigorous activity three times per week. If you do not have serious health conditions limiting you, it is possible to get higher amounts of physical activity too.

But as one gets older, exercising old bones can become quite a challenge. Engaging in the wrong kind of exercises can trigger old injuries, and if one suffers from ailments such as high blood pressure, it can potentially make certain activities risky. Seniors need an exercise regimen: that is aerobic and low impact. Aerobic ensures that the routine gets your heart pumping faster, to help burn more calories and build muscles. Low impact exercises are easy on your body even while helping to build muscle and protect joints. This safely rules out activities such as football, weightlifting, running or basketball as it can further damage fragile bones and surrounding muscle structures. A good example of a sport that involves cardio and low impact would be swimming or yoga. Swimming gets your heart rate up but without any impact to injure your bones since you’re just gliding through water. While swimming is a great option for seniors, there are many people who cannot access the pool frequently enough to make swimming an effective form of exercise.   Luckily, everyone can access roads and trails, which makes cycling the perfect physical activity for seniors. It works the leg muscles and there is little impact on your body. Even organizations such as AARP recommend cycling to their members.

If cycling is good, then electric biking is even better because it allows even inexperienced riders to get comfortable with the riding experience. Riding an eBike can get your heart rate up, without beating the body down, like in jogging. Seniors do not have to worry about going to slow, or even feel out of breath because of the assistance from the built-in electric motor. It also allows experienced riders to dramatically expand their range, as they can augment their leg muscles with the propulsion of electric power, whenever they need. Seniors can enjoy the ride without having to worry about distance and effort. An eBike fitness routine can be as simple as running small errands on it twice a week. Even 20 minutes of exercise can improve the health and well-being of seniors.

Improve Your Health

Regular exercise also helps to reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, obesity, and even anxiety or depression. Older adults need to get sufficient amounts of physical activity to protect against cognitive decline as well. Riding a traditional bike can leave seniors exhausted and out-of-breath, while scooters are often too bulky to handle. eBikes enable seniors to get the exercise needed to stave off serious medical conditions, while giving them the option to run the eBike’s motor when they find their energy sagging or just for an extra boost. Riding an eBike will benefit the heart, brain and body, while helping seniors maintain an active social lifestyle.

Maintain A Sense Of Balance

Along with muscle-strengthening and aerobic activity, flexibility and balance exercises are also an important part of a physical activity routine. It is common knowledge that one needs a keen sense of balance to stay on a bike. Riding an electric bike is another way to exercise that sense of balance while enjoying the beauty of nature. Seniors can greatly improve and exercise their sense of balance by riding an eBike. Regular riding reduces the risk of falls and injuries from falls too.

Increased Social Mobility

For some seniors, getting around can be tough with age. Many are not comfortable driving their car at all times and one also needs to consider gasoline costs. Some citizens are environmentally conscious and want to leave less of a carbon footprint, while running simple errands around town. Or they may love to travel, and want a mode of transport to complement their road trips. Or even simply to explore the beautiful riding trails. eBikes are a blessing for all such seniors because it offers unfettered freedom from mobility issues. Riding an electric bike allows anyone to cover larger distances and it is possible to get anywhere about 3 to 4 times faster than walking. Some medical studies have shown that an hour of cycling every week can increase the life expectancy of a 50-year-old by up to five years.

Start Riding Today

It may be time for all seniors to replace their old Richard Simmons aerobics videos with exercises that are easier on the aging joints. Electric bike riding is an easy activity that involves being active in the outdoors while training muscles. Moreover with the help of an electric bike, it is possible to enjoy cycling throughout one’s entire life. Riding an eBike allows even older citizens to have fun, while being mobile, and staying in shape. There are many types of electric bicycles available for riders of different skills and sizes. Let us help you pick the right one for a guaranteed good time!

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