Top 5 Reasons to Commute By eBike

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There are more than 1 Billion cars on the roads today.  That number is projected to go up to 2 Billion in the next 15-18 years.  So if you thought traffic was bad during your commute today, get ready because you haven’t seen anything yet!  For anyone considering swapping out their gas guzzling car for a healthier, more enjoyable, less stressful bike commute, there are a few things to consider outside the obvious. We put together the top 5 reasons to ditch your car and start commuting by eBike. There are a million more reasons why electric bikes are better for commuting than cars, cabs, Ubers, buses, trains and subways—including the “cool” factor—but we decided to narrow it down to our top five. Here goes.


#5. Well Being.
Cycling to work improves well-being. There have been a few studies on this and they all seem to say the same thing: commuting by bike is a lot better for well-being than commuting by car. It improves cardio-vascular and aerobic fitness, lowers blood pressure, boosts energy, builds muscle, and improves coordination—just to name a few of the health benefits.  A study conducted by Portland State University put bike commuting on the top of the list for modes of commuting that benefitted well-being. The study measured factors such as stress, arrival time confidence, boredom/enthusiasm, excitement, pleasure and ease of trip. Riding an eBike is an added bonus because commuters don’t need to worry about arriving to work sweaty or tired. Plus, riding an eBike is very enjoyable and eBike riders never have to fear strong winds or uphill commutes.



#4. Traffic.
Hold onto your hats because we are about to throw a lot of numbers at you.  Every American, on average, gets stuck in rush hour traffic for 42 hours each year. About 86% of Americans drive a car to work and 76.4% drive to work alone. By 2020, Texas A&M Transportation Institute projects that the total nationwide delay time will grow to 8.3 billion hours — an increase of 1.4 billion hours in just 5 years — and congestion will cost $192 billion. Ouch! While traffic is a big reason to get out of your car and get biking to work, it is also the number one reason why only a small percentage of bicyclists commute by bike. According to a survey by Breakaway Research Group, more than half the riders they surveyed state their fears of traffic and being hit by cars keep them from biking more. But compared to the number of motor vehicle traffic crashes, bicycle accidents are miniscule.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 726 cyclists were involved in a crash in 2014 compared to the nearly 30,000 motor vehicle traffic crashes.


#3. Trend Setting
Ride an eBike to work in the USA and you are a trendsetter.  Today riding an eBike now makes you unique, unusual and a trailblazer.  But in ten years it should be commonplace. Years from now when your kids or grandkids comment on how progressive their generation is, you can show them a picture of you riding an electric bike and prove how ahead of your time you truly were. eBikes are extremely popular in Asia and Europe. In America, we are about ten years behind but catching up fast. In the next few years, Americans will see more eBikes on the roads, more charging stations, more electric vehicles and more clean, green ways of getting around. America is going green, we just need to get their faster and we can do it on eBikes.



#2. Money Saving.

It costs more to commute by car than you realize. The toll your commute takes on you can be enormous if you factor in expenses for lost time, wear and tear on your car, insurance, tolls, parking and stress. The average American family spends about .19 cents of every dollar earned on transportation. Commuting by car costs approximately .71 cents per mile with the average American spending about $8k/year per car. For a two car family, spending over $16k a year can be a hardship. Taking just one of those cars off the road and replacing it with an eBike means more savings, more security and less stress.



#1. Eco/Saving the Planet

It does not take a giant leap of faith to believe that an eBike with zero emissions is better for the planet than a gas guzzling car. To get a clear idea of just how much better, take a look at the following facts.

  • Ride an eBike instead of driving just 10 miles each week and it would reduce CO2 emissions by 500LBs every year.
  • If every American commuter biked to work just twice per month, it would reduce the amount of gas pollution entering our atmosphere by approximately a billion gallons each year.
  • According to the Association for Commuter Transportation, nine billion gallons of fuel are wasted in traffic each year, about 2.9 billion gallons in the US alone.
  • Based on the 2007 Urban Mobility Report, Texas Transportation Institute, in 2005, congestion caused 4.2 billion hours of travel delay. The total cost of these delays on the economy? $78 billion.


At ProdecoTech, we believe that electric bikes promote wellness, the environment and are the future of personal transportation. Electric bicycles give people the freedom to overcome the obstacles to bicycle commuting and make a difference in their own lives while contributing to a brighter future for everyone.

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