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• High Quality
• Low Maintenance
• Value & Affordability
• Modern Style
• Lightweight & Portability
• Built in the USA from Quality Globally Sourced Components like SRAM, Samsung, Avid, RockShox, Continental
• Eco-friendly
• High Performing Samsung Batteries


• The Best Pricing In The Business – Better Value Than All Competition
• Versatile Use & Portable Compact Folding-Frame Design
• Innovative Samsung-Powered Battery Technology
• Made With Parts And Components From The Industry’s Top Brands
• Responsive Power-On-Demand Throttle And Custom Ride Preferences
• High-Performance Hydraulic Brake Systems, Wide Range Of Energy Efficient And Powerful Brush-Less HUB Motors with 600W power and new Mid-Drive Models
• 2 Year Tire To Tire Warranty ( Motor and Battery)


  • BUILT AND BACKED IN THE USA from Global Components: With an eye for detail, and a fierce commitment to integrity, quality and patriotism; ProdecoTech eBikes are carefully constructed and inspected in the USA. Unlike many competitors, ProdecoTech doesn’t rely on overseas manufacturers to build their eBikes. All ProdecoTech electric bicycles are designed and assembled at the company’s state-of-the-art, 60,000 square-foot production headquarters in South Florida.
  • LONG-LASTING, HIGH-PERFORMANCE BATTERIES: ProdecoTech has partnered with Samsung to bring you the most innovative & powerful electric bike batteries. Since the battery is the single most expensive component on an eBike to replace, ProdecoTech batteries represent a significant customer savings and added value.
  • HIGH QUALITY BRAND NAME COMPONENTS: ProdecoTech has partnered with an all-star network of high quality components that read like a “who’s-who”
    in the cycling industry. Among the more than 20 brands are: SRAM, Promax, KMC, Avid, Gyes, Velo, Truvativ, Continental and Kenda.
  • BEST PRICE & VALUE: When it comes to price and value ProdecoTech has no competition. ProdecoTech has the best pricing in the industry. ProdecoTech eBikes are built in the USA, and equipped with globally sourced components from remarkable brands like premium battery technology by Samsung and bicycle components by SRAM. Even with highest quality components, they are still the most affordable eBikes on the market, and are superior to eBikes that retail for two, and three times as much. ProdecoTech is arguably the most value conscious, high-quality, stylish, eBike brand on the market today.
  • OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE: Team ProdecoTech is passionate about providing the best quality, price and service of any eBike brand in the industry, and proudly stands behind its products. ProdecoTech offers an industry-leading 2-year tire-to-tire non-prorated warranty and 100% in-stock replacement parts policy, providing timely service and repairs that makes ProdecoTech products easy to service and maintain.
  • MOST ECO-FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY: Most ProdecoTech eBikes includes innovative Samsung-powered battery technology on many of its eBike models. We offer the highest quality batteries at the most affordable prices, while assuring no counterfeit or refurbished parts are used in the production of ProdecoTech eBikes.


The company started its first production of electric bicycles (eBikes) during the fall of 2010. The 3 founders (Robert, Daniel and James) came together from a previous technology and sporting goods company with the specific challenge to build the world’s best eBikes and build them in the USA with top tier components from global brands like SRAM, Suntour, RockShox and Samsung. After a 2 year Research & Development phase, Interbike 2010 was stage for the unveiling of the company’s first of eBikes. The initial production of 1000 eBikes were an immediate success.

ProdecoTech is headquartered in South Florida, and is a premier vertically integrated company that acts as a researcher, developer, marketer, and manufacturer of the highest quality electric bicycles “eBikes”.

ProdecoTech has a simple goal: To become the number one eBike company in the world. Over the last five years, ProdecoTech has implemented a sophisticated plan to achieve their goal. The plan is focused on developing the best-designed, most reliable, and most exciting eBikes in the marketplace, while being cost competitive.

In 2013, ProdecoTech moved into its newly renovated and modern 60,000 sq. ft. Oakland Park, FL production facility. The facility was designed with capacity in mind to eventually assemble 288 state-of-the-art eBikes per day. As of 2015, the facility is the only production facility in Broward County, FL to operate under a Free (Foreign) Trade Zone designation (FTZ) allowing for duty free production. The FTZ activation combined with USA production reduces COGS by up to 30% below competitors.

ProdecoTech has not only established itself as a top 5 USA eBike leader but runs the largest North American eBike manufacturing facility. ProdecoTech’s eBikes are now being sold in 7 countries through their authorized dealer network.

All ProdecoTech’s eBikes are built to exceed specifications, with all models utilizing the highest grade of name brand components in their class. eBike specific frames and battery design concepts are developed in-house with individual component fabrication and supporting parts being purchased directly from the industry’s primary manufacturers. The savings associated with their direct to supplier relationship accounts for 2 level upgrade at no additional cost to consumers.

ProdecoTech’s creative thinking and foresight has attracted prominent suppliers and partners such as Samsung, Panasonic, SRAM (Avid, RockShox, Truvativ) and over 20 others to work directly with ProdecoTech.


See more testimonials from our awesome customers and dealers on the ProdecoTech Facebook page.


Phantom Best Electric Bike

DESIGN Matte Black
MOTOR 36V 600W Geared
BATTERY 36V 14.25Ah
BRAKES Avid Hydraulic Disc
GEARS SRAM X7 – 9 Speed
FORK RockShox
SPEED 20mph
6 Models Available
Starting at $1,699


Genesis Best Electric Commuter eBike

DESIGN Polar White Gloss
MOTOR 36V 600W Geared
BATTERY 36V 14.25Ah
BRAKES Avid DB5 Hydraulic Disc
FORK RockShox Recon
SPEED 20mph
4 Models Available
Starting at $1,499


Rebel Off-Road eBike

DESIGN Matte Black
MOTOR 36V 600W Direct
BATTERY 36V 14.25Ah
BRAKES SRAM Hydraulic Disc
GEARS Single Speed
FORK PTech Rigid Fork
SPEED 20mph
3 Models Available
Starting at $2,399


DESIGN Brushed Aluminum
MOTOR MAX 36V 350W MidDrive
BATTERY 36V 14.25Ah
BRAKES Avid Hydraulic Disc
GEARS SRAM XO/X9 – 8 Speed
FORK RockShox Recon
SPEED 20mph


3 Models Available
Starting at $2,999
Mariner Compact Folding eBike

DESIGN Pure White Gloss
MOTOR 36V 300W Geared
BATTERY 36V 10.4Ah
BRAKES Avid Hydraulic Disc
GEARS SRAM X7/X5 – 8 Speed
FORK Suspension
SPEED 18mph
3 Models Available
Starting at $1,299


Outlaw Off-Road eBike

MOTOR 48V 1200W Direct
BRAKES SRAM Hydraulic Disc
FORK RockShox Boxxer
SPEED 28mph
3 Models Available
Starting at $2,399


Stride Commuter eBike

DESIGN White Gloss
MOTOR 36V 300W Geared
BATTERY 36V 10.4Ah
BRAKES Avid Hydraulic Disc
GEARS SRAM X7/X5 – 8 Speed
FORK Matte Black Suntour Suspension
SPEED 18mph
3 Models Available
Starting at $1,599


Islander Beach Cruiser eBike

DESIGN Magenta Metallic
MOTOR 36V 500W Geared
BATTERY 36V 11.6Ah
BRAKES Avid Hydraulic Disc
GEARS SRAM X7 – 8 Speed
FORK Rigid Cruiser
SPEED 20mph
2 Models Available
Starting at $1,799



Read More About Us in this Electric Bike Action Cover Story (.pdf file)


ProdecoTech works with over 20 brands to bring consumers the highest quality electric bike. Some of the most notable partners include: Samsung, RockShox, SR Suntour, SRAM, Promax, KMC, Avid, Gyes, Velo, Truvativ, Continental, Kenda, Panasonic



  • Interbike, Las Vegas
  • Eurobike, Germany
  • Charged Up (Interbike Media Event), New Jersey
  • Miami Boat Show
  • Surf Expo, Orlando
  • CES, Las Vegas
  • Isle Casino RV Show, Pompano Beach
  • Fort Lauderdale Boat Show


Defined by a strong moral compass and patriotic pride, ProdecoTech is a socially and ecologically conscious electric bicycle company. Prior to its conception in 2007, Robert Provost and Daniel Del Aguila ran a successful business, manufacturing computers and small electronics. Additionally, they owned and operated a flourishing 12,000 square-foot motor sports store where they imported electric bicycles.

Robert and Daniel quickly grew frustrated with the low quality of the imported electric “container” bikes available. The experience of outsourcing the production of electric bicycles, found these dedicated entrepreneurs hoping for a better way. The build-quality and parts of the imports were inferior to their vision of products that produced high consumer satisfaction. As they consistently replaced 30-40% of the pre-fab bike parts and replaced them with better components they began to wonder, Why can’t someone just get this process right the first time? Soon, along with Jim Aversa, their head mechanic at the time, they asked themselves another question, Why not us?

ProdecoTech’s vision is to change the way the world looks at eBikes while making American-built eBikes part of everyone’s lifestyle. 21st Century manufacturing process are implemented allowing manufacturing jobs to stay at home in the USA. ProdecoTech is the #1 employer in the USA eBike industry employing the highest number of USA workers.

What differentiates the company’s eBikes over their competitors are the founders’ principal mission of building the highest quality eBikes based on what the individual USA consumer wants and not what the bicycle industry is dictating or is “traditionally done”.

MISSION: ProdecoTech’s mission is to deliver a model lineup of mainstream styled “best value for highest quality” electric bikes to customers worldwide.
ProdecoTech’s principals observed eBikes in the mid 2000’s while traveling in Asia and Europe, and were struck by the number of people commuting on eBikes. ProdecoTech’s founders researched and collaborated with industry experts to design their action plan and develop the best possible line of eBikes in the USA. At first they tried to private label other manufacturer’s eBikes, like many of the present competitors do, but soon realized they could build a better bike themselves!

In the USA, ProdecoTech found the majority of eBike resellers having problems with the availability of high quality, cost conscious eBikes developed for the USA market. There were major issues with lack of USA specific design, high pricing, dealer knowledge, part availability, quality consistency and the ability to service. These issues became the foundation on how ProdecoTech would develop USA specific eBikes to challenge the current eBikes being offered while changing the industry forever.

After an extensive R&D phase, ProdecoTech developed original designs based on what USA buyers requested and not importing eBikes developed for outside markets. ProdecoTech globally sourced the bike industry’s top component vendors and fabricators to supply and manufacture the individual components required for Prodecotech to build their eBikes in the USA. ProdecoTech’s eBikes have superior quality and the most cost effective eBike the USA market has ever seen.

In September of 2010, ProdecoTech’s hard work paid off and the initial designs were an immediate hit at Interbike, the industry’s leading trade show held once per year. Many major chains and independent dealers expressed interest and the initial 1000 eBike production was sold.

With 22 current models ProdecoTech accommodates every style and demographic of rider.

As ProdecoTech continues to establish itself as a leader in this rapidly growing industry, its strong reputation has grown organically. In order to keep up with product demand, in 2014, ProdecoTech built a new state-of-the-art, 60,000square-foot production facility in South Florida. Today, most other brands selling eBikes in North America still outsource their production, but not ProdecoTech.

ProdecoTech’s vision is to provide the public with the best quality, service and selection of eco-friendly alternative transportation, for the most affordable price.

“Most of my working career, I’ve been faced with the absolute reality that you are not going to build stuff in America that’s priced competitively,” said Ed Benjamin founder of LEVA (Light Electric Vehicle Association). “Prodeco [Tech] appears to be going against the grain on that.” Contrary to recent trends in American Industry, Benjamin points out that, “America has been losing small factories, not gaining them.” ProdecoTech is proud to bring manufacturing to America, and supply Americans with jobs in an industry with visions of landscaping significant global environmental change.

Electric bicycles have stripped away many of the barriers of using traditional bikes as alternative transportation. Concerns regarding, hills, headwinds, distances, injuries, age, keeping up in a group, and more, are all but eliminated with the introduction of high quality, affordable ProdecoTech eBikes. As the number of educated consumers who recognize the benefits of eBikes as alternative transportation grows, the overall carbon footprint reduces. ProdecoTech has welcomed the challenge of giving more people the chance to enjoy cycling as recreation and alternative transportation. ProdecoTech strives to encourage the replacement of car trips with eBike transportation. Not only does this philosophy benefit the environment, it presents value for all cyclists. The more cyclists of any kind that are present, the more incentive cities and towns have to build infrastructure to support them.

ProdecoTech takes its commitment to the environment, as well as consumer value, as a high-priority. For example, ProdecoTech use LiFePO4 battery technology. While more costly than other types, this decision made sense for the consumer and the environment. Unlike other Li-ion and lead acid (SLA) battery types, the phosphate-based chemistry in ProdecoTech’s LiFePO4 batteries are extremely stable and present no disposal issue or environmental threat. In addition, these batteries last far longer, which adds greater value to the consumer. All batteries have a maximum number of times they can be fully recharged (cycles). ProdecoTech batteries have 2,000 cycles. Most other eBike brands use batteries that have 200-800 cycles. Considering the battery is the single most expensive component on an eBike, (Costing $400-$900 to replace), this represents a huge value to consumers considering an eBike purchase.

Making stylish affordable electric bikes without compromising quality or service is the backbone of ProdecoTech. Even though ProdecoTech eBikes are built in the USA using high-end components from global brands like SRAM, Samsung and Continental, and use superior battery technology, they are still priced significantly less than most other eBike brands. ProdecoTech regularly elicits better reviews than eBikes costing two and three times as much. While arguably the most value conscious eBike company on the market today, it is no surprise that ProdecoTech has been able to build its brand primarily through word-of-mouth and the loyalty of satisfied customers.
With fierce dedication to high standards and an eye for detail, ProdecoTech proudly stands behind its products. Their industry leading 2-year front-to-back non-prorated warranty and 24 hour in-stock replacement parts policy, demonstrates ProdecoTech’s commitment to ensuring 100% customer and dealer satisfaction. Honoring core values and clean, green, patriotic principles, is what drives Team ProdecoTech into the future with electric bicycles that make sense.




How do electric bikes work?
Electric bikes come with an on-board battery and electric motor. Using a throttle or pedal assist system the bicycle will be propelled forward.

Are electric bikes safe to operate?
Most electric bicycles do not go faster than 20 mph. They are considered to be as safe as a traditional bicycle. All normal safety precautions should be followed when riding any bicycle.

How fast do electric bikes go?
Some eBikes can reach speeds in excess of 50mph. The majority of our models comply with the Federal speed limit of 20 mph. Our off-road models (Outlaw SS and Outlaw 1200) can reach speeds up to 28 mph.

How much does it cost to ride an electric bike?
It costs approximately $10 a year to power your eBike if you commute 200 days a year. This is only pennies as compared to the same commute when using a motor vehicle.

Why are ProdecoTech electric bikes better because they are developed in the USA?
ProdecoTech not only cares about the environment, but also is dedicated to keeping jobs in the USA. All ProdecoTech electric bikes are designed and built in Pompano Beach, FL, globally sourcing components from brands like SRAM and Samsung, which ensures a high level of quality and customer service.

Where can I test ride or buy a ProdecoTech electric bike?
We have many dealers across the country that carry our product line and provide a test ride. You can buy direct from our website at, or to check them out in person first, please refer to our dealer locator to find the location of a dealer closest to you.


How far can I travel on a single charge?
This depends of the model that you choose. Our Phantom X3 can reach distances of up to 50 miles.

How long does it take to charge the battery?
4-8 hours depending on the battery capacity.

Can I ride my electric bicycle in the rain?
Our bikes have been designed to be water resistant.

Do I need a license or insurance?
Generally, a license, registration, or insurance is not required. Please check your state/local laws to make sure this applies to your local area.

How long until a battery needs to be replaced?
With proper care, the batteries can last as long as 7 years.

How do I get my eBike serviced?
You may visit any of our dealers nationwide for service on your bike. Please refer to the dealer locator on our website to find a dealer near you. For additional assistance you can also call us at 1-800-943-6190.

Does ProdecoTech provide any customer service help for maintenance issues?
Absolutely. You can call us for technical support, maintenance help, or for any other service related requests.

Where can I buy eBike accessories and additional parts?
You can get parts from any of our dealers. You can also call us to order parts over the phone. Also, our bikes are compatible with almost all the aftermarket accessories in the market, which can be purchased online, or at any bike shop.


Ed Benjamin, chairman of the Light Electric Vehicle Association, says U.S. eBike sales doubled between 2012 and 2013. Still, sales of 200,000 eBikes are a fraction of the 16 million bicycles sold last year.

The annual global motorcycle market is currently around 80 million units a year, almost all of them based on the internal combustion engine, this anticipated explosion in electric bike demand could double the size of the two wheeled market, not to mention dampen the demand for electric four-wheelers.

The report forecasts that electric bicycles will be the largest category with 56% of the electric two wheel market, followed by e-motorcycles at 43% and e-scooters in a distant third place with less than 1%.

Let’s leave China out of the game for a moment. In the chart below you can see that the sales of electric bicycle is going to double or even quadruple in almost every region of the world.[pageGallery]/0/


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