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April 21, 2017 6:06 pm Published by Phantom 400 Electric Bike
The idea for an electric bicycle is not a new one. The first patent for an electric bicycle (tricycle actually) was filed in 1881. Despite the fact the electric bicycles or eBikes have been around for a long time, they have never been a truly popular means of transportation in the USA. Although it is not a new phenomenon, there still remains a lot of mystery in the USA around electric bikes, how they are used and who uses them. So to answer a few of the most commonly asked questions surrounding electric bicycle culture, we offer you this blog and hope to provide a few answers for those considering an electric bicycle as a transportation option.

Why choose an electric bike over a conventional bicycle? Electric bikes are not designed to stop people from riding their regular, non-electric bicycles. They are intended to replace cars and other gas guzzling means of transportation. The main reasons people choose electric bikes are simple and most being fairly obvious.

Whether you have the capability of riding one or one hundred miles at a clip, an eBike simply allows you to go further. Electrifying a bike creates a vehicle capable of being a true transportation option, viable even when your own energy levels are low. The fact is that eBikes give the rider more of an opportunity for adventure and add a level of comfort and fun to commuting!

Let’s face it, going fast is fun. On an electric bicycle, even non-super-human cyclists can easily achieve speeds of 20 MPH. Having access to an extra boost of power and speed on demand adds an additional level of safety as well. It’s not just the speed capability, it is having that power at your fingertips in the form of a throttle, push-throttle or pedal-assist.


Not everyone is up for a long, windy, hilly ride. Even those who used to enjoy a harrowing bike trail may now find that their joints, muscles or common sense won’t let them ride to the extremes anymore. With an ebike, riding is almost always still an option. Choose to pedal when you can and throttle when you cannot. That means you can conquer hills, throttle through winds, go exploring, take the long way home and just go everywhere on your bicycle.


We hear a lot about carbon footprints and the environment these days yet the number of cars on the road seems to grow by the second. Electric bikes are the zero emissions answer. The statistics on the impact electric bicycles can make on the environment are staggering. Consider that the average electric bicycle that ProdecoTech sells gets about 1200 MPGe and that should make you realize that an ebike is about 60 times as efficient as your car. With distances of up to 35 miles on a charge, commuting to work should be no sweat at all.


The electric bicycle is a trend that is soon to come to the USA, but just hasn’t arrived yet. Like the latest fashions out of Europe or technology from Asia, sometimes it takes the USA a little while to catch on. This means all kinds of cool street cred for the early adapters. For those pushing boundaries with legal advocacy and the call for biking infrastructure, we salute you. It is these types of trailblazers that are needed for the eBike industry to get out into the main stream of American consciousness.


Whether you are delivering pizzas, chasing down bad guys or commuting a short, congested route, electric bikes work. From delivery riders, to cops and small business owners, the use of eBikes is growing amongst the professional sect. Commuting by ebike, while not common, is widely accepted and even seen as the sheik mode of transportation for hip urban businesses and advertising agencies. Look to the hip, European bike commuting crowd to see what the future holds for the U.S.


If you have never ridden an ebike, call your local dealer for a test ride right away. Simply put, if you have not tried an electric bicycle you are missing out. Even those who are not fans of bicycles or scooters, find themselves falling in love with the sleek, fun, efficient mode of open air transportation that the electric bike provides. The moment you hit the throttle on a traditional, American-style electric bicycle, for most, it is a return to the joy of youth. Like riding a bike for the first time, riding and electric bicycle for the first time inspires that youthful joy that is at once inspiring and difficult to get out of your system. Catch the electric bike bug and add a whole new joyous escape to your day.


Just because we are not properly conditioned or physically capable of the long, grueling rides that our partners and friends take, doesn’t necessarily mean we wouldn’t enjoy tagging along for the ride. With an electric bike, you can cruise along for a ride while your partner trains for the Olympics. An eBike can make quick work of a 30-plus-mile route, even with hard winds and steep hills. If you are not a road biker but love someone who is, maybe an electric bike can help you find some common riding ground.
In conclusion, there are many reasons to ride an electric bicycle, many of which are not listed here. Feel free to comment with anything we missed. The most important takeaway is to try an electric bicycle. Experience what everyone is talking about. Maybe you will find them controversial. Maybe you will fall in love with one. The truth is, once you try one, especially one that is well built like a ProdecoTech electric bike, you will be able to get a sense of what all the excitement is about. Nothing can quite replace the first time you ride an electric bike. It is very similar to when you first ride a bicycle. So if you need a pick me up, go out and try one. Wear some comfy clothes, lace up your sneakers, put on a helmet and go experience the electric bicycle phenomenon yourself.

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