Different Types of eBikes Based on Terrain

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Different Types of eBikes Based on TerrainThis is a two-part series on the different types of eBikes.  Last week we will talk about the different types of electric bikes based on the type of motor.  Today we will talk about the different types of eBikes based on the terrain the bike will be used on.

Electric bikes can be used for road riding on good surfaces like pavements, streets or bitumen or for off-roading when your wild side kicks in and you’re feeling adventurous. Electric bikes that are designed for riding on flat, easy terrains are great for commuting, trolling around town or enjoying a day at the park with the kids. These bikes are just right for getting regular exercise too. On the flip side, there are eBikes designed for off-road riding on country and dirt roads and to tackle mountain trails and for climbing hills.  Which is right for you?

Who is a typical e-bike rider?

Riders of eBikes can include anyone from commuters who may want to get to and from work without getting stuck in traffic, for people getting to shops, or even for parents to take the kids to school.  With a basket on your handlebars, you can easily pick up a few odds and ends, and with sturdy panniers on your rack, you can even fit in a few carrier bags of groceries. An electric bike can also tow a trailer, for even more shopping, or carry a couple of kids!

Electric bikes will also appeal to people who have a physical condition that makes riding regular bikes difficult. For example, anyone with a slightly dodgy knee, arthritis, asthma or back pain can benefit from eBikes. Even older cyclists who no longer have the same level of fitness as before can use electric bikes. Electric bikes are therefore a perfect fit for people returning to physical activity after a prolonged period of inactivity, or those who haven’t ridden a bike in years due to aging, injury or activity but want to get back into it.

People who live around hilly areas also may prefer riding an electric bike than a traditional cycle to conserve their energy when getting uphill.  While a typical eBike is ideal for leisure riding too, at the top end there are people who enjoy riding high-power mountain electric bikes for riding both in the city and also in the countryside.  Knowing where you will take your bike is as important as knowing the type of rider you are.

Everyday Riding

Playing it safe has never been so fun.  You don’t need to be hitting the trails or rough terrain to enjoy the benefits of an eBike.  Some of the advantages of an electric bike include being able to travel further, accelerate more easily, travel faster, and ride up hills more easily. At ProdecoTech, our Phantom 400M bike is perfect for this type of rider.  It softens the road for a ride that is more comfortable than ever before. Considered one of the most revolutionary and innovative electric bicycles due to its cutting-edge design, top of the line performance and extremely affordable price, the Phantom M sets new electric bicycle standards in both performance, components and affordability.  It is perfect for everyday usage.

The Off-Roader

Some bike riders want to explore and throw caution to the wind.  To these riders, we say, go get ‘um!  The right eBike can take you on just about any adventure.  For off-roading, we do suggest that your bike be designed for power with an aircraft grade aluminum frame, extremely sturdy tires and solid components that can tackle any hill or climb.  Our Outlaw and Rebel series are trail ready and offer these features (and more) to ensure that you not only enjoy your ride but that you’re safe and that your bike is up to the job.

Let’s Get Started

Regardless of the terrain, eBikes offer many benefits and advantages but if you don’t get the right one you could end up unhappy and the bike could end up being just another decoration in your garage.  Go into the purchase informed and comfortable with what you know about how you are going to be using the bike.  If you are interested in learning more about the growth of this industry, Bloomberg Business Week has written a great story on this topic and Lifehacker and Forbes.com have written more about the cost of commuting

Of course, you can always reach out to our team of experts and we would be happy to help you select the bike that is right for you.

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