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Electric Bike Dealer Inquiries

ProdecoTech dealers must include, but are not limited to, the following criteria:

  • 1. Your business must operate as a brick-and-mortar business
  • a. A clearly identifiable retail shop with dedication to servicing your customers
  • b. Web, Mail Order, and Mobile repair accounts must have a physical retail location that allows the business to serve its customers during regular business hours
  • c. All ProdecoTech service centers are to service ProdecoTech products and customers regardless of original place of purchase.
  • 2. Internet sales are only approved through a brick and mortar dealer’s website, and will not be permitted to sell on eBay or any other auction or discount site.

What’s in it for you?
A partner with a clear positioning strategy!

ProdecoTech is the answer for an American marketplace that is paying far too much for quality electric bicycles…or more likely, far too much for a lack of quality.
While other manufacturers continue to dabble their feet in the electric bicycle pond by offering a small selection of options, ProdecoTech builds an extensive line of electric bicycles to satisfy any market segment…and we are rolling out a coast-to-coast distribution network to deliver these to you.
By offering a diverse selection of traditional, yet sleek and sporty, designs you’ll enjoy the opportunity to reach more consumers with ProdecoTech than with manufacturers whose outdated, eccentric and even peculiar styles have priced themselves into a limited marketplace. Further, you’ll increase same-store sales as more customers translate to the likelihood for future visits and purchases.
The strength of our reputation will enhance your market position by adding an electric bicycle line built in the USA to your compliment of products. ProdecoTech provides you a better chance to close a sale rather than lose it to a competitor.
Ultimately, though WE are the ones assembling our bicycles, YOU are the ones building it. The input we receive from our customers, dealers and distributors goes into designing every electric bicycle we introduce. Join us for the ride!
Place. Product. Price. Promotion.