Become a Prodecotech Brand Ambassador

Earn Money By Becoming a Prodecotech Brand Ambassador

If you're like a lot of our customers, you're approached constantly with lots of questions about your ProdecoTech e-bike, why you love to use it, and how it works. From family to friends, and even strangers you see out riding trails or on your daily commute, you are constantly telling people how great ProdecoTech's e-bikes are. We really appreciate the support we receive from our customers!

So we made it a priority to find a way to THANK YOU for all your great recommendations, reviews, customer referrals and online promotion of our e-bikes. With you, many more people are going to know more about these premium quality, built in the USA*, and extremely affordable e-bikes. We are so grateful for the positive, word of mouth recommendations from our customers that we want to reward you. And we don't mean “reward” you with points that you might one day be able to use for a discount on something you don't need. We reward you with money. REAL MONEY.

How It Works

You're referring your friends on social networks, family and even strangers to our products, then shouldn't you be rewarded with income? We think so!

In addition to referring purchases, ProdecoTech Brand Ambassadors can be creative by submitting videos, tweeting about our product line, posting pictures of you and your friends enjoying your e-bike rides and other social media promotion that you do on your behalf that we can help amplify.

No gimmicks. Once people you refer make a purchase and their return period expires, you receive your referral fee. That's REAL MONEY in your pocket.

We will also provide support to our ambassadors in the form of customizable business cards, t-shirts and more.

Start making money on things you’re already doing – being passionate about your ProdecoTech e-bike.

We love our customers and it’s our privilege to give back to you!

Referral Structure

When a customer buys a bike from us with your, unique, promo code; the customer gets 10% Off of their purchase.

That's a pretty substantial discount and should incentivize interested buyers to buy from you.

The buyer has a 30-day period in which they are allowed to return their ebike for a refund**. If they do not return their ebike within that 30-day period we then issue you your referral fee. Your referral fee is 10% of each sale's net price (after discount is applied). We issue your referral fee in the form of a pre-paid, Prodecotech branded, debit card for your own use.

* Prodecotech's ebikes are built in the USA out of global components from the top suppliers in the industry.

** Review Prodecotech's Return Policy at