There is an electric bike trend sweeping the nation. It comes from American’s desires to ride further, ride faster, to reduce their carbon footprint and to have fun doing it. More Americans are ditching their solo commute to work in a gas guzzling car in exchange for the fresh air and eco road that a trip on an electric bike takes you on. Getting to work everyday doesn’t have to mean suffering through a difficult commute, being stuck in traffic, waiting for public transportation, struggling to find parking and a million other things that make the commute one of the most frustrating and stressful parts of daily work life.

People who ride eBikes to work, look forward to their ride. Talk to the average commuter waiting at a train station, bus stop or about to merge onto the highway and they will tell you that commuting everyday is the epitome of drudgery. Public transportation is plagued by delays, crowds, long lines and conditions that are not always the most sanitary or comfortable. With a car, you get to leave when you want and don’t have to sit next to a sneezing stranger, but than there’s traffic, parking, gas, tolls and white knuckle rides on the Freeway.

When you ride an ebike to work, you get to exercise, unless you throttle to work to avoid perspiring, than you get fresh air and a happy start to your day. There is also the satisfaction in knowing you are part of a trailblazing effort to make the world greener, safer and happier by riding an electric bicycle. Every mile you ride on an electric bicycle instead of in a car, you save 150 grams of CO2 from hitting the ozone. Electric bikes are a zero emissions vehicle and actually burn cleaner than the human body. However, being eco is not the best reason to ride one. Simply put, electric bicycles are the form of transportation that enables you to get where you are going in a fun, safe, efficient and eco-friendly way. Once you hit the throttle, engage the pedal-assist or start pedaling, you will feel the rush that has captivated the world and has electric bikes trending everywhere.

In China, over 200 million electric bicycles are in use throughout the country. In the Netherlands, One out of every 3 bikes sold is electric. The United States has been the slowest to adapt, but is catching up with the eBike craze thanks to brands with aggressive styling and superior performance like ProdecoTech electric bicycles, which are built in the USA from globally sourced components like SRAM and Samsung.

The single most important electric bicycle in America was created by ProdecoTech in 2009. The Phantom Electric Bicycle was among the first aggressively styled electric bicycles that sparked the imaginations of Americans. It performs at the top of its class but has an affordable price tag. Before the Phantom, most electric bicycles were re-purposed Chinese models that lacked both design aesthetics and true American muscle. Many consider the imported Chinese electric bikes as the reason the USA never caught on with the trend. Chinese electric bikes simply haven’t inspired the imaginations of Americans and compelled them to hit the road on an eBike. The initial problem with Americans with eBikes is a little like the 3 Bears scenario. The eBikes from China are too cheap, the eBikes from Europe are too expensive, the ebikes built in the USA need to be just right. When Americans look to purchase an eBike for regular use, they choose based on several criterion. Americans want performance, style and comfort. They also want reliability in all their transportation. That’s why ProdecoTech electric bikes are built so solid, so they stand the test of time for years to come.

Unlike imported bikes, we build and service our bikes locally, so there is never a concern about service. Plus, we stand behind all our electric bicycles with the industry’s best, full 2-year (non prorated) warranty.

ProdecoTech design innovation allows for 3-stage connectivity for fail proof trouble shooting. The electrical functionality consists of the motor, controller and throttle. These three systems are easily repaired and replaced to make maintaining a ProdecoTech electric bicycle simple and user friendly.

With a new line of innovative and powerful electric bicycles, ProdecoTech continues to inspire Americans to join the electric bicycle movement. ProdecoTech continues to push the envelope with models that are setting the standard for distance, reliability, performance, innovation and affordability with USA-built electric bicycles using parts sourced globally from high quality bicycle component companies.