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When it comes to electric bicycles or technology of any kind, warranties are important. A strong warranty gives the purchaser a sense of comfort in knowing their purchase has a certain level of protection. But what are those levels? To what extent are manufacturers willing to stand behind their products and what do these warranties mean? Here is the simple explanation.

If you own an electric bike with a non-prorated warranty and your eBike fails during the warranty period, it will be replaced or refunded. For example, if you have a 2-year non-prorated warranty on your electric bike battery and the battery fails after 1-year, the manufacturer replaces the battery with a new battery at no charge to you. While in the same situation with a limited 2-year warranty, you would be made to pay half of the full MSRP of the battery.

With limited or pro-rated warranties, the manufacturers’ responsibility to the consumer decreases over the life of the warranty. For instance, a bicycle near the end of its warranty term, the warranty would be of little value to the consumer, if not considerably less value than when the bike was first purchased. On the other hand, a non-prorated warranty has the same value throughout the lifetime of the warranty.

Prorated or limited warranties can get complicated. Most prorated warranties or limited warranties specifically limit the coverage of the warranty to specific parts and do not cover the product end-to-end. With a prorated warranty, the consumer must carefully read all the information in the warranty packet to identify the components on their electric bicycle are covered and which parts are not fully covered by the warranty.

Unlike the prorated warranty, the non-prorated warranty does spread out its coverage but instead provides even coverage throughout its life and is there for the consumer in full force when it is needed most. In fact, with products like electric bicycles that accumulate mileage, a warranty is more desirable as more time goes on, which is in opposite allotment to the way the Limited warranty is distributed.

Most non prorated warranties cover the electric bicycle from tire to tire but do not cover normal wear and tear, like brake and tire replacement.

The simple facts of the matter are that prorated warranties seem better to the manufacturer and non-prorated warranties fall more on the side of the consumer. When it comes to backing a product fully, a full, non-prorated warranty is what to look for.

ProdecoTech stands behind every electric bicycle we build with the industry’s only 2-year non-prorated warranty. We do this because we are in it for the long-haul. Our mission is to start an electric bicycle revolution in the USA. We do it by building the best electric bikes at the best prices and standing behind our bikes 100% for the first 2 years you own it. No one else believes in their electric bikes like us because no one else will give you a 2-year warranty like us.

Electric bike warranties differ from brand to brand. Therefore it is important to research the different manufacturers electric bicycle warranties and replacement procedures. Do they require you to ship the product back to a local warehouse or back to Europe or China? Once the warranty expires, is it easy to get parts and information on the product? Will there be someone to contact for upgrades in the future? Will the company even exist in the future or is this another re-branding of an unboxed import? D What is their customer service like for their electric bicycle customers?

Customer service is not to be overlooked, especially in a technological industry like that of electric bicycles. At ProdecoTech, we focus on the customer. From the design and price points of our electric bicycles, to the support and service we provide through every step of the electric bicycle ownership process, ProdecoTech is focused on getting America to love electric bicycles. Standing behind each and every electric bicycle we make is an important step in earning the trust of the American public not just in our brand, but in electric bicycles in general. If you take a close look at our electric bicycles, you can see that building ebikes in the USA from globally sourced trusted brands makes a difference.

When it comes to warranties, especially for electric bicycles, there is much more to consider than just how long the warranty covers you for. What’s much more important, is the quality of that coverage. Having a long term of warranty is meaningless if the warranty itself is too limited.

When comparing electric bicycle warranties, here is the most important information to consider.

  • LENGTH OF eBIKE WARRANTY: How long will your electric bicycle warranty last? What is your electric bike warrantees beginning and end date? What conditions void coverage or shorten or disrupt the warrantee’s coverage?


  • CONTACT INFORMATION: When you need to use your warranty or have service completed on your electric bicycle that is under warranty, who do you contact? Where are they located? Where will they be shipping your replacement parts from? Where can you go to get help with the repairs? As a USA-based manufacturer, ProdecoTech quickly fulfills warranty claims for its customer and dealer base.


  • EBIKE COMPANY RESPONSE: If your electric bike fails due to no user error, what will the electric bike company do for you? Will they repair your electric bicycle? Will you be given a replacement of the same or different model? If the model is different, will it be an upgraded model? Will they refund your money? What is their company policies? Will it be difficult to get answers and assistance?


  • COVERAGE LIMITATIONS: Which electric bicycle components or repairs does the warranty cover? What is excluded from your eBike warranty coverage? For example, will the electric bike company cover labor, shipping charges or other undeclared charges or fees.


  • CONDITIONS/LIMITATIONS: Many limited electric bicycle warranties state that the electric bicycle must be used, maintained or serviced in a certain way in order to keep coverage active and not to void the warranty.


  • COMPANY RESEARCH: The best warranty in the world is no longer useful the second the company that issues it goes out of business. In order to have confidence in a warranty, you must be confident of the company that issues it.

The quality of the warranty coverage can be difficult to understand and no one likes to read the pages upon pages of warranty information that comes attached to electric bikes. Simply put, electric bicycles consumers should seek out a Non-Prorated o Unlimited warranty and should not be confused by bold warranty claims. Even a lifetime warranty, that sounds great, is really ineffectual if it does not cover the parts and components that are most likely to have trouble over the course of the warranty period or over the miles you intend to put on your electric bicycle.

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